the product

nanoBEMS sits alongside your sites existing Building Energy Management system or can replace in its entirety. For complete monitoring of all building areas such as Temperature, Humidity, Light Level, System Faults, Intruder even Fire systems. For the best results the system is ideally suited for what is known as control circuit interception. All control devices are configured to fail safe to allow for the previous system control, if required. All devices can be simply switched off in case of any problem after installation. This allows our remote team to fault find without any major impact to the building occupants or comfort levels. Control your Boilers, Chillers, Air conditioning, Air Handling units....any system is possible!

Critical Systems
HVAC Plant.
Fire and Intruder

how it works

There are many different control systems on the market, But our’s is unique. Here is how it works. Quick to deploy and instant savings. The options are limitless with short payback times on investment. Some devices can be installed in as little as four hours. Using the latest IOT-WAN technology we're doing it differently*

Connect Device

Your own engineers can connect the nanoBEMS Sensor or our own engineers can carry this out for you. Devices are pre-configured based on your own requirements for true plug and play solutions.

Configure it

Once your device is installed we can then activate this over the long range secure network to ensure all settings are optimised and achieveing the target savings projected within your building

Yay! Done.

The nanoBEMS sensors and control modules are seamlessly left to operate alongside you existing systems and in cases where the smart sensors monitor Gas, Electric or water the savings are instantly visualised through your portal.

The Benefits

Any product is only as good as it measured performance for energy savings and critical alarm monitoring. The nanoBEMS Smart sensors and modules will allow new levels of low cost solutions against the investment price within your building.

Fast Installation

nanoBEMS sensors and control devices can be fitted in as short a time as fifteen minutes and instantly operational

Monitors Building Health

Devices can monitor critical systems such as Chillers, Boilers, Server Rooms, Leak Detection, Fire, Security or temperature.

Security first

All equipment is securely protected with the latest communication encyption protocols.

Innovative ideas

The monitoring and control can be used anywhere, on any system. It's as complicated or as simple as you make it.

Save on your bills

Primary benefits to save on Gas, Electric and water usage. Boilers, Domestic hot water and Air conditioning easily adapted

Proven technology

Our systems are compatible with many buildings and primarily adds inteligence through the tridium Niagara platform

Fast and secure

Encrypted communications with access keys easily monitored with full access or no access at short notice

Instant Alerts

Boilers, Chillers, Server rooms, Air-conditioning units, Fire systems, Intruder systems with many other options available

Visualise your data

Energy Dashboards, Heating and ventilation graphics, graphs and automated reports on your buildings or systems

Always Connected

Constantly monitored connections for critical systems and HVAC plant monitoring

Designed for you

Easy end user managment to allow access to data or alerts via email, Text or voice call keeping you informed

Pro-active alerts

nanoBEMS can report on potential faults prior to an emergency problem developing stopping any potential closures or lost production

possible deployments

in the "always on world" ensuring you know the right information at the right time is crucial. Not only does this allow for better descision making it can prevent potentialy costly shutdowns or historic probems in their tracks. You can use the product for any asset you wish below are some examples.

Boiler and heating equipment

Heating within schools, hospitals and care homes is essential. See how nanoBEMS can not only reduce gas use but monitor your systems to keep the heat constant to these environments

Monitoring and Savings


Cooling and chiller equipment

Cooling within commercial popert and any building for comfort levels of occupants is important. To reduce electrcial consumption and monitor essential cooling 24/7/365

Monitoring and savings


Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings vary vastly from site to site. With no two properties being the same the nanoBEMS smart sensor can monitor and control many different services within any area or Plantroom

Monitoring and savings


Data Centres

Data centres form the backbone of our "Always conencted" conencted world. The nanoBEMS sensor can ensure monitoring of server room tempertures and essential electrcial supply systems



legionnaires' monitoring

Potentialy one of the biggest risks to a commercial site is legionnaires. Bacteria can generate in the wrong condition of Hot water supply. nanoBEMS can monitor Domestic Hot water 24/7/365

Safety Monitoring


Office environmental monitors

The comfort of your building occupants is important to productivity and well-being. nanBEMS can identify issues before they arise gisving your tenants the best working environmet possible

Monitoring and control


Storage Areas

Storage areas for documents and valuable items where priceless items are kept can be monitored at all times with nanoBEMS, continous recording even when power to the building fails!

Monitoring and control


Clean rooms critical systems

Clean rooms where items are tested and manufactured need strict environmental monitoring at all times. nanoBEMS can ensure your clean room conditions are within quality targets at all times

Quality control


Energy Monitoring

You can't manage what you dont measure. Without essential services monitoring the information needed to make informed decisions isn't possible. With nanoBEMS the logging possibilities for the lowest costs make the decision easy.

Any System, Anytime, Anywhere!

You won’t just receive messages, alerts and email when it matters, You’ll get insites to how your systems or servies are actually performing . No crunching numbers in a spreadsheet or a database just answers that are available. Through modern day analytics any combination of data verification is possible. Once the rules and reports are defined the system will automaticlly carry these out saving you time and money.


Equipment and devices have evolved rapidly over the last twelve months to a point now the systems are fully ready to deploy. With any emerging systems the testing and problems that can occur can be many. These issues are then resolved and a better product is born through testing and more importantly results. We have chosen the most robust and reliable devices for field deployment to ensure accuracy and confidence from our customers. In the modern day monitoring very little cannot be achieved in terms of achievng your requirements.


We work with a wide range of clients from facilites maintenance to major construction firms. All of our clients are given the most adaptable future proof solutions. We have no external influences that will make us promote any given system just honest solutions right for you.

Ingen’s goal is to build a strong and successful business by delivering great service through great people.

NATS is the UK's leading provider of air traffic control services. Each year we handle 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers in UK airspace

NHS stands for the National Health Service, which provides healthcare for all UK citizens based on their need for healthcare rather than their ability to pay for it.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What is nanoBEMS? How does it work?

A low cost monitoring and control solution based on the newly emerging Building Internet of things. Quick and easy to deploy which deos not rely on the conventional Wifi, Ethernet building connections or the existing IT department. All devices are plug and play where in most cases the companies own engineers or staff can fit maximising cost savings. The devices can monitor many types of Electrical, Gas or water meters but more importantly many other systems within any type of building. Once the device is installed the data is then collected, analysed and then presented to you in many ways. Ultimatley the system has been designed to drastically reduce require manpower and to make sense or solve the energy issue you may be facing. The added advantge is the nano system can fully monitor all your critical systems ensuring your building runs within all the normal levels of comfort your occupants are acustomed to.

Why do i even need this system and service?

The monitor, target and reduce energy with the added benefit of new insites, to improve your operations and financial spend on smart services. Reduce man hours carrying out maintenance and plant checks that these sensor can fully automate

Do i need to involve my IT Department?

No! with this system there is no red tape, IT issues or conflicts which hinder the installtion of many other systems. The system communicates with a new secure technology that cannot be affected by the building services such as power failure or user error. For once the entire package can be delivered and fully operational with the minimum amount of fuss and cost.

What is the cost of the system compared to others?

in most cases this system is supplied, fitted and fully operational at half the cost of many other systems on the market. Savings are then further possible by reducing tasks by staff and freeing valubale man hours better spent within your own organisation. From manually collecting meter readings to resetting a boiler which has tripped nanoBEMS has hundreds of applications designed to save our end users money.

the technical bit!

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the nanoBEMS. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials




IOT as Standard

Battery power


meet the team

We are commited to bringing new and innovative ways to reduce costs and increase energy savings with enhanced monitoring. We ould love to hear your feedback or suggestions if you have any requirements not covered, we like a challenge!

Nairn Harrison

Founder and Director

Alasdair Malcolm

Founder and Director

Kenny Fowley

Operations Director

Derek Ranachan

Sales and Support

Gillian Wilson

Customer Support

Michelle Bartlett

Customer Support

Isobel Harrison

Customer Billing and Subscriptions

Kyle McSporran

Parts and Shipping

Mobile Acess for nanoBEMS

Your connected systems can be easily checked if required through any smart phone, Tablet or PC connected to the internet. All access is secured. For further information on how to access your system please contact us for further details.


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Boilers and Heating

Savings and Control

Anti Dry Cycle Control // Fault Monitoring

Boiler Dry Cycling can waste a large amounts of gas which simply put is your boilers heating when not actually required. At times the onsite building controls system may not be as effective as deisgned. nanoBEMS removes poor control and increases your savings. An added benefit in buildings such as schools, hospital can care homes where boiler systems are required to run for long periods nanoBEMS can ensure the moment your heating system fails you are informed quickly. The system can also be configured to automatically reset the fault keeping your services in action without the need for a site visit.

Cooling System

AC and Chillers

Over Cooling prevention // Fault Monitoring

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